When I woke up yesterday it was snowing pretty good and had just started. I figured I would go get fresh tracks at High Rocks. I drove 8 miles away and hardly any snow. Huh? I went for my ride anyway and it was well worth it, had the woods all to myself.

The snow was coming down but just lightly. It turns out it was the teaser before we got pounded. I brought my camera with me in anticipation of some good snow pics. These were all I got. If you look close you can see a little white dusting.

The camera was a perfect excuse because in addition to my usual slowness, I was able to stop and look around.

Sometimes trees grow out of rocks!

Cool Moss.

I even stopped and skipped rocks for awhile. With beaut’s like these lying underfoot how could I resist?

I was off the bike taking a picture from behind the bars (I’m clever like that) listening to an inspired playlist on shuffle.

All the sudden Stevie Wonder starts grooving in my ear-hole. Now I had been singing out loud while I was riding because the park was empty and I stopped caring if people think I’m crazy long ago. But when that song came on I started to move a little.

A phrase a friend of mine said to me rang out right then “live in the moment”. So out in the middle of the woods, snowing, I got down with my bad self. That’s right I did the awkward shuffle of a short suburbanite on the trails. It was liberating and enjoyable. When I was done I didn’t even feel silly.

Lately Stevie has been resonating for me. I have always been a fan but more and more he ends up on the playlist. Maybe this clip has something to do with it? It’s my favorite Stevie Clip of all time. Stick with it, its worth it.


What would Stevie Wonder do?

He’d get down with his bad self!