What? As in what the hell do I post about today? As I sit here with the window open and the bright sun shining I can hear the outdoors screaming my name. Unfortunately the adult in me is making me tighten up loose ends and try to sell some stuff today.

What? As in what the hell am I thinking racing this weekend? Me? Racing? Weird? I haven’t raced anything shorter than a 12 hour race in many years. Now to me a 12 hour race is nothing more than a long ride. A chance to be obsessive and get away with it.

Now this is a totally different ball game. I guess its time for a….

This weekend kicks off the MASS series. The kick off is PAValleys.com International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Universe Including the Anti-Matter One. (There, That Should About Cover It.) Yes thats really its name. This will be like a series of short intervals.

I will be at the race supporting/cheering on the Giant Mid-Atlantic race team. We will have some adult beverages from our sponsor Intercourse Brewing Company. Yes really.

I got asked to fill in on a slow old guy team. Since I am going to be there anyway– I accepted. Then after I accepted, I said to myself, What the Hell was I thinking?
I guess I’ll find out on Saturday. This means technically I am going to be competing against the Giant Mid Atlantic Team, but seriously they will be Racing and I will be Riding. Thank goodness there will be beer afterward.

What? As in WOW a blog update just poured out of my fingertips. I guess that I ramble out of the tips of my fingers just like I ramble on while talking.

Maybe there is a reason this is velorambling.com

I feel the need to end this with a picture. So I will end now. If your so inclined wish me luck.