I’m not “allowed/supposed” to smile when I race apparently so I’ll save it for when I’m hangin with my pal Tigger.

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”  Michael Jordan 

I was gonna go all race report on your asses but decided that can wait.  This last weekend was Charm City CX and it deserves some word’s because it is a great course and a good time.  Other inportant thing’s are precluding me from that post for now.

Important thing’s like Unicorn’s.  

My tall skinny follicly challenged neighbor went to London and all I got were these awesome Unicorn pictures.

Apparently the second part was the only piece that survived from the Castle of Grey Skull.

Or more accurately from The Grand Storehouse Pediment.  Google it.  It’s kinda cool.

He also came back with this picture of “The Rack”

Does this not look shockingly similar to a cyclist’s torture device?

Coincidence?  Doubtful.

In the past few years I have participated in the Young Survival Coalition’s Tour de Pink.  This is an amazing organization that support’s women under 40 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  These women have a unique set of problem’s as most people seem and the healthcare system tend to treat this as an older person’s disease.  It is not just an older person’s disease.

Doing this ride has opened my eyes to the plight of people going through a difficult time.  It also taught me that people can go along way with support a positive attitude and a gentle guiding hand.  This ride has also introduced me to many people that are my friends and will be for life.  

Life is not just about racing.  Riding a bicycle can be a positive change in peoples lives.  Read HERE about how the bicycle opened Jen’s eye’s, changed her body, and brought her closer to her father (who happen’s to be a hell of a great guy).

For several reason’s I am not able to do the ride this year.  The East Coast ride starts this Friday and I will be en-route to North Carolina to celebrate a good friend’s nuptial’s.  I seriously considered going to do the West Coast Tour de Pink  but that is not going to work for me either.  

I believe that this is an organization that deserves some help.  So if you have a few spare dollars in your pocket, possibly even get up off your rear and look under the sofa cushion’s to find some spare change.  This is an organization that is worth helping out.  You can donate to help someone close to me attain her fundraising goals by clicking right HERE.  Every little bit helps.  I already did my part, and if you are all kinds of money smart it is even tax deductible.

Next time we can talk cyclo-cross and Charm City, but this post you got Unicorn’s and some banter about boobie’s.