Mural by James De La Vega

Believe in yourself. And stop trying to convince others” ~De La Vega

I was originally drawn to investigate De La Vega by this quote. Then I found this one.

Your Thumbs Are More Important Than You Think” ~De La Vega

I was torn about which one to use so they are both here now. Google James De La Vega. He is a pretty interesting character, and definitely stands up for his beliefs. I am Diggin his art work too.

EWR Jay sent this clip over with a simple two word email. “Blog this” Normally I am not one to jump when given direction in such a manner but Jay can be very persuasive and quite intimidating.

Would you mess with a character like this? Well I know better so I wont. Consider this Blogged Sir.

That horse has some skills. He went right through that pack.

The other day I rambled on about the Giro needing presentation jerseys. And my what a fetching picture that was at the top of that particular post.

Well the fine folks over at Pez were equally interested in the jerseys and they write a nice piece about it HERE. It’s a nice behind the scenes look.

Speaking of the Giro. Did you eyeball that stage yesterday? It was really good. (I was tempted to use the over-used descriptor of EPIC, but I refrained, and will save that word for when something truly EPIC happens)

12.9 Kilometers up that takes the Pros 40 plus minutes including dirt roads, snow covered slopes, and a finishing kicker of 24% on gravel makes for a pretty exciting day. Apparently the road was so steep that the moto following Ivan Basso fell over twice and a mechanic had to get off and run behind to make sure there was a bike at the ready. That’s steep. And that mechanic deserves an “Atta BOY” Cadel was able to harness his MTN bike skills for a strong second place. Universal Sports has been doing a good job covering the race. Although I still wish Steve Schlanger would stop calling Todd Gogulski “Go-Go”.

There was also a pretty exciting race over on the left coast. The Tour of California ended with four trips up the Famous “Rock Store” Climb. They call it the “Rock Store” climb because this sits at the base of it. and is a place for motorized and non-motorized bikers to converge.

This is very close to the mothership that is Giant Bicycles. I have ridden this climb on a few occasions. The descent on the return of Sunday’s course is twisty fast and fun. It would be a gas to ride it with the road closed off and be able to use the whole road. I am 100% certain that the pros did it at a faster clip than I have.

Since all those guy’s on curly bar bikes were ripping along they missed this view.

Sometimes being slow and stopping has it’s advantages.

Well Gotta Go “Time to Make the Donuts”