The Fine Folk’s at Giant Bicycles had this jersey made up to honor Michelle.  They gave me one and I am happy to wear it.

Do What You Want To Do Before it’s Too Late” Michelle Weiser

Think about that statement for a moment.  Place an emphasis on “YOU”.  What is it that you want to do?  That should be an easy question to answer, but is it?  How many of us are doing what we really want? 

I know many people who are not.  I also know that question is often a difficult one to answer as well.  Sometimes doing what you want to do is difficult.  The daily hassles and responsibilities of life can make the road map not so clear.  The decision to do what “YOU” want to do can impact many people and make them question your motives. 

All of that is OK.  It is OK because you are the one deciding.  You are the one charting your own course.  If you are happy it is easier for other people to be happier with you.  I am aware that this sounds like a bunch of Tony Robbin’s type self affirming BS.  It may be but it helps me get through my life and make the difficult and mundane decisions. 

Spending four days in a camp like environment with 200 plus other like minded people who have a common hate for cancer makes me realize that these basic self affirming thoughts are true.  I met and reacquainted with several women who were choosing how to live there lives but had been thrown a curveball they did not choose… Cancer.

Breast Cancer made these women do thing’s and go down paths that they didn’t choose.  The women that I met chose to be positive and go forward with there lives even though that big C made them take an unwanted detour.  These women are the lucky ones.  They fight and struggle in the face of adversity knowing that cancer has taken many peoples lives and that it could take their’s. 

The fact that these women fight like hell and are still so much fun to be around is a true testament to the human spirit.  I don’t believe that there is a human being who hasn’t been touched by cancer in one form or another.  Either you know someone who had it, has it or have it or had it yourself.

So to come full circle here “Do What You Want To Do Before it’s Too Late“.  Don’t let those excuses you have brewing stop you. There is always a reason why you cant, find the reasons that you can.  Grab life by the bar’s and ride it like it’s a freshly paved downhill. 

Now that we have had our SNL Stuart Smalley Moment for the day… Take a risk

So what is more life affirming than Unicorn’s?  Nothing.  This guy has got it right.   He is charting his own course. 

To give another blogger his due I must admit that I was turned onto this video by none other than Stevil of AHTBM fame.

Speaking of unicorns I was inspired to give up my Unicorn kit…

When I saw this…

Jennifer has an obvious love of the single pronged pony and to top it off she is fast as hell.  She decided to start riding after a 30 year reprieve (and she’s not old) in February.  On the Tour de Pink she rode at the front every day.  She will do that Unicorn kit way more justice than me and she’ll look better in it.  So goodbye rainbow barfing unicorn, enjoy your new home. 

Now for some wrap-up pic’s from the Tour de Pink. 

I kept running into Shawna and she made me laugh or smile every time I saw her
Day 3 route map drawn to scale.  Note the “Tada” at the finish
Seen along the way
Go Thatta Way
Saw these people out doing a different ride.

Some people really showed their spirit
Spent time with some friends
Mingled with J-Lo
Fox News was wrapped in pink

Ended the whole Shebang live on TV.  “HI MOM”

When it was all done a few of us took a trip around Central Park
An attempt at artsy
More Central Park
In the end it was all about paying respect

To end this whole saga I will go back to where this post started today. 

Do What You Want To Do Before it’s Too Late
Since this is the Wednesday ´╗┐Quote I will sign off with one more from Amy Johnson
“Suck it Cancer”