I see the craziest signs while driving around.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one”  Dr. Seuss

I have been running around like a mad man and I realized, “Holy Crap I haven’t put up a Wednesday Quote”  


I read this Facebook post started by Marshall.  ( The Race Car Driver and I call him the “Big Galoot” but don’t tell him) 

He and his friends wrote my content today.  For that I am grateful. 

As you may know the Schleck brothers are starting a new team based out Luxembourg or Luxemtucky or something like that.  The Big T company sent out a press release that the Schlecks will be riding Trek’s with DI2. 

I didn’t put the connection together until I read this from the “Big Galoot” 

It all started like this… ( This is an actual Facebook thread. The words are real but the peoples identities have been hidden because I didn’t actually ask their permission)

*When cycling and Dr. Seuss collide…
Have you heard about the Schlecks, next year the Schlecks are riding Treks
*So now it will go something like… have one, have two
*Or Thing 1, Thing 2….
*Thing 1, Thing 2 are not the Schlecks, they are the brothers with long necks.
*When they hit the decks, on their Treks, be sure to check the effects. The chain, is a pain, and can jam. The chain can jam when you’re riding SRAM.
*Oh heck, you know the Schlecks will want to check their Treks when they hit the deck, to see the affects of the wreck.
*It must be said, the SRAM is dead, there will be no Red on Andy’s sled. Its Di2, its electric too, new Di2 is what they’ll do…
Thank you all for writing my post.  There will be a big hamburger with fries and an adult beverage of your choice waiting for you in your final resting place.  Have them put it on my tab. 
Keep the Rubber Side Down