Total Non Sequitor? Probably but I’m ok with it. Its written on a “Shiner Beers” blackboard at least.

“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy” Benjamin Franklin

I posted this up on FB the other day and the response was quick. Apparently people like Beer and believe that Ben Franklin was a smart man.

Russell responded with a statement that Ben was a bit of a ladies man.

But more importantly Rob “The Hammer” Hacker followed up with this beauty

“In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom and
In water there is bacteria” Benjamin Franklin

This is definitive proof from one of our founding fathers that beer is indeed proper hydration. I have always maintained that beer was an acceptable post ride beverage because there is water in beer.
Besides why drink too much water, fish pee in water. Think about that for a while.

I was searching for a good pic of Benjamin Franklin with a beer when this popped up in my Google search. How could I not use it?

I have heard rumor that there are socks with this saying on it. I would count on the faithful readers to point me toward these.
***Update*** Man you guys are fast. They are Sockguy “Bevy” socks

They would make my feet happy and Steve martin always said happy feet were good.

Finally this informative piece that I found over at A Continuous Lean

All that talk of Coal made me thirsty, I’m off to find my Talking Homer Simpson Bottle Opener. “MMMMMMMM BEER”