I got this from the PEZ eons ago and just found it. I think that was the chainring Fabian Cancellara was using in the prologue.

“After the race they scanned my bike, and I said to them, “You better scan me, because I am the motor”” Fabian Cancellara after winning the Prologue of the 2010 Tour de France

It seems that the nasty plague of “motorized doping” has become a main issue at the Tour. I wrote about this on another fine Holiday for the fine country that is the U S of A. The video that accuses Spartacus of this ridiculous non issue can be seen HERE as well.

It is amazing to me that this has actually gained traction and that the officials at the ASO are wasting Euro’s X-Raying bikes. All of this commotion about the Gruber assist motor has me thinking that Crocodile Dundee would chime in with…..

“That’s not a motor, Now This is a motor…

Something tells me that these boys know how to party. My money says that they have built a potato cannon and destroyed many thing’s with it.

As I discussed a week ago Phil Liggett is in full force commenting on the Tour for Versus. I miss most of the doozies but there were two that caught my ear so far.

The first was during the Prologue, and I am paraphrasing here because I am too cheap to have Tivo to keep rewinding and get it dead on. Basso is getting finished and Phil basically dismisses him and says he needs to get off the road because “there is a hurricane brewing behind them” in reference to Lance Armstrong, Fabian Cancellara, and Shooter MC-Contador.

I may have stated this before and you will have to excuse my basic photo editing but Contador reminds me of Shooter Mcgavin from happy Gilmore.

The other Liggetism that cracked me up was the catch was happening on Stage 1 at 10K and HTC was massing at the front trying to setup their leadout train and Phil rips off “They are trying to put the missile in the tube” Priceless.

Even though I am ending this post I will leave you with this thought my mom left me with on the proper way to start a day. Yes I did say MY MOM. Yeah she’s pretty freakin cool.