Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”
Charles M. Schulz

Too true Mr. Schulz.

I was always a huge Peanuts fan. But I was all about Snoopy. When we had the big three networks it was a special treat to wait up and see the Charlie Brown specials. Who can forget the Great Pumpkin, Lucy pulling away that football, Charlie Brown crushing on the “Girl with the Red Hair”,Linus and that blanket, and the teachers voice. “wah wah wah waaaa”. There are far too many other memorable moments.

I dont have to come clean here but I will self incriminate and say one of the prized possessions from my youth is my Snoopy stuffed animal. Just Sayin.

The faithful “Life Behind Bars” (yes there is more than me and my mom, HI MOM!) readers have been sending me some great stuff. Knowing that I like bicycle ads I received this one.

Holy Freakin OUCH!

I am interested to see how the bicycle is used to sell other products. In the above case they choose to linger on the perceived negative aspects of the bicycle.

The dutch take a completely different view on what a bicycle seat can do for, or to you.

If we pop over to the Czech Republic they use a bike to show what a little antiseptic can feel like in an open cut; of course unless you use their brand of Betadine. I have a feeling its still gonna sting.

If you sit on some gum you are going to need new jeans; Right? I have never known of a “gum on bicycle seat” epidemic but it does give this shopping mall a reason to show a womens butt, and we know sex sells.

The Swiss tout the benefits of cycling in these ad’s. A warning of sorts, and cycling is the answer. “Stay in shape”

This “Man of steel” “endures the heat, cycling daily from one place to another to carry out his tasks” This helps move ships. In the circles I run in we call this commuting.

There are plenty of car ads that use the bicycle to sell cars. I can understand that because I have always thought that a car is a great way to carry a bicycle.
I will leave those for a post all their own since I have a bunch of them.

I will leave you with these nice shots using a bike to sell “Haute couture” Thats fancy fashionable clothing to me and possibly you.

Until next time try and take Mr. Schulz advise and use a few more of your “gears”