“I wasn’t living up to expectations and I had a hard time dealing with that. That’s when I just wanted to give up on cycling. It’s my job, it’s what I do, but it’s not my passion.”  Juan Jose Cobo current leader of the Vuelta Espana.

First off… Yes I realize it is not Wednesday.  I started this post Wednesday and that is the theme.  Since I make the rules here I am running with this.  

I have written quite extensively about the passion I have for riding bicycles.  It is probably the one overriding theme of this site, that and unicorns. 

I read THIS ARTICLE from Velonews.com or is it now just simply Velo?  It appears that Juan Jose Cobo may have a bit of an issue with mental illness.  I state this as my opinion based on the description of his moodiness and apparent depression.  I also don’t want my next thought to be taken as persecuting JJ Cobo.

I just don’t understand that quote.  Racing bicycle’s isn’t his passion so he want’s to quit and get on with becoming an electrician?  Most folk’s I know ride or race because they love it.  Additionally I talk with people on a daily basis who work in the bicycle industry.  Almost all of us do it because we have a passion for the bicycle or riding or both.  

How do you get into racing bicycles as a job if you aren’t passionate about it?  Are there really people out there thinking… “Hmmm I could be an electrician or a bicycle racer?  I’m pretty good at this whole turning my leg’s in circles thing.  I guess I’ll race for a while and when I’m bored of it I’ll transition into my true passion.  Wiring houses”

Some how I don’t know that this conversation ever happened.

Since I have a passion for the bicycle and for riding I am going to race this weekend.  Do I have a passion for racing?  Honestly…. Not really but I do love cyclocross and hanging around with people who love bicycle’s and bicycle riding.  

Some might call them passionate.

****For the record it is Friday early morning as I am posting this Wednesday quote.  The workmen tearing up the front yard and replacing the gas line so I don’t blow the entire block up distracted me a bit****