Photo most definitely courtesy of Life Magazine.
How cool is this picture of Liz Taylor at 12 years old?
The joy is written all over her face.

“I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions.”  Elizabeth Taylor

This quote is not only timely due to the passing of Elizabeth Taylor but because passion is what compels me to overshare on this forum.  Passion for riding the bicycle.  Look at that picture at the top of the page.  That look is what every ride should bring. 

I have been uber-stoked because I had a new camera donated to me and the velorambling cause.  I used this camera to take some pictures on the group ride I took from the Bike Lane in Reston Virginia.  Unfortunately my computer chose to have a mini crash and wipe out all of these new wonderful high resolution pictures I took to share with you.  It’s a shame because they were all fantastic and showed great shots of people in tight spandex riding carbon fiber miracles.  By fantastic I mean pictures taken above, behind, and over my head while breathing heavily trying to not lose the wheel in front of me.  If I lost the wheel I would surely be lost.
One of the advantages I get with my career is doing local group rides.  These let me see a new area, learn new routes, and meet new people.  This ride was no different.  It was the first nice weekend of the year and the turnout was big.  There were over forty people on the ride.  Adam the shop manager kept the ride together quite well.  There was the usual group who pushed it at the front but they all stopped to regroup when appropriate. 
It was a good group of peep’s.

No not these peeps.  I am looking forward to seeing some of them again at Leesburg. At least I will know some of the who point and laugh.

 I was down in Virginia for the weekend watching my eldest daughter compete in what would eventually lead to a National Championship. 

The hotel I was staying in was ten miles from Bike Lane.  A quick consult of Google Maps cycling directions led me to the Washington & Old Dominion trail.  This is a very nice long continuous route out of D.C.  Virginia is in the south and of course while riding in the south on the W & OD trail you would come across these guys…..

The only reason this pic was saved was because It was loaded to my Facebook page.

This is normally where I would post some of my random pictures.  Since I don’t have them I will just go with this. 

This Unicorn obviously hasn’t been hitting the trainer through the rough winter