Today’s quote is in picture form above and Sent by a fellow unicorn enthusiast via Haus Interior’s.  Clearly I wasn’t finding this gem there.

I have been receiving much unicorn love lately.  For example I found these propped up on my front porch upon returning home the other day.

My Bro-friend Eric left them there and it’s only fitting that he liberated them from this Cellophane hell.

My girl’s brought them in from their perch outside to save them from the wrath of Hurricane Irene.  Upon bringing them in they promptly color enhanced the unicorn’s.  Color mingling them to bring them to an unknown even greater state of being.

Speaking of my girl’s… I had a chance to spend several day’s with them at the beach before they went back to school this week.  It was a great time.  I don’t have nearly enough time doing nothing with them to just chill out and get to know them.  They are amazing individual’s and make life right.

There was time to ride at the beach although most of it was on our beach cruisers.  That was fine by me. After all my favorite ride’s are because I enjoy riding my bike.  Several longer road ride’s were mixed in and were perfect to wear me out so I could fall asleep on the beach with a real live novel in my hand’s.

Cyclocross season start’s September 10th and I am excited and anxious.  Mostly anxious because I have a few boxes of part’s and no frame to hang them on.  I sure hope everything come’s together in time.  I have been looking forward to racing some CX for several month’s now.  

Bring on the racing, bring on the frame, bring on the fun!