There is a special place in my heart for cookies.

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” Henry Ward Beecher

It is time to clean out the mailbox and my hard drive from some choice pieces sent to me by you all. Plus this will give me an opportunity to not think too much and put up some pictures.

First up the mailbox.

My affinity for Unicorns is no secret. That is why this quote probably should have been the opener.

It is a truly wise man who does not play leap frog with a unicorn

It was either that quote or this one supplied to me by a social media maven.
The maven was working in HootSuite for Twitter and the following message came across. She thought it would be “right up my alley” I’m not sure if that sounds painful or not but the quote/message was indeed my “cup of tea”

HootSuite = unicorns + awesome to the power of bacon” MMMMMMM Bacon!

The folks at the Mother Ship are often amused and sickened by my wearing of the Unicorn Kit supplied by the fine off kilter folks at Halters Cycles. That is probably why two people sent me this image.


Now I do not condone the “Spamification” of unicorns but I guess if you had the job below you might think about harming these majestic creatures.

Now this is a picture that you would usually find over at the Snob, but it is indeed from my compatriot in Red Wing. This is a rare sighting of the Minnesota Bikealope.

These bars are not just flipped up, NO, they are installed upside down with the levers facing forward. The Bikealope is in full regalia here most likely preening for a mate since the “antlers” fashioned from some old aero bars are pointed straight up. Something tells me this position isn’t quite aero.

This one was scanned and sent to me in reference to an older Wednesday quote by the Seuss.

How about this find from the 1939 Worlds Fair in NYC.

It’s not everyday that “Bicyclists, Smokers, and Public Speakers” all endorse the same thing.

Now since my desk has a windshield I do get to see some interesting things. Here is a sampling.

That’s 24 inches from floor to top of saddle. This women rides this bike a Ton. Of course she needed a custom bike. HH was the man for the job.

I wasn’t sure if the 90’s were back, I was having a flashback or if this was real. when I checked my camera the image was there so I am going with the thought that this was indeed real.

My travels regularly take me past the mecca that is Just Born Candy. The makers of Peeps and many other good for you confections. This beauty lives outside, and yes the pics were taken awhile ago.

I don’t think this person used Spell-Check

I get some nice views from the “Office Chair” as well.

In a follow up from a few posts ago I finally got my view from Behind Bars all fixed up. I got the girl a makeover.

In the last bit of news the Giant Mid Atlantic Boys have been galavanting around the region in some fancy new underwear. Follow them HERE.

Until next time. Keep the rubber side down.