“Find release from your cares, have a good time.” My fortune cookie at dinner

That quote is more about how I live my life than a fortune.  They say attitude is a choice.  I choose to ride my bike, that makes my attitude good. 

There are two things I choose to obsess about in this forum other than bicycles……


AND…….. Bacon…….

Not that Bacon…..

This bacon……

This perfectly natural obsession led to this video from the Huffington Post being forwarded to me.

Bacon Perfume? 

Now only if there were bacon scented unicorns. 

I think I know what the second product for UVINMCP needs to be.

Since this rambling weblog thing that is posted on the world wide interweb supposedly has a bicycle theme I should probably talk/type about bicycles.

Sunday I actually rode at Fair Hill for the first time.  Yes, that is correct.  I had never ridden at Fair Hill.  Fat Marc helped me change that.  He gave a guided tour with his team mate Jake and T-Rav.  Later we met up with Monkey and Bakey.  I will certainly be back.

There is a bicycle racing event at Fair Hill This Sunday April 10th.  It is supposed to be one of the premier events of the Mass Series.  I worked the event a few years ago but wasn’t able to ride.  I wont be attending this year either. 

The reason I won’t be attending is because I will be pedalling my bicycle (well actually not my bicycle but a bicycle) for 13ish hours at the Leesburg Bakers Dozen

Have I been training steadily for this? No.

 Have I been putting tons of extra miles in to prepare? No.

 Do I like riding bicycles for hours at a time? Yes.

So am I prepared for this weekend?  Mentally? Yes…Actually?  Maybe