A bird knows the air without knowledge

Last weekend I went to the Morris Arboretum. For years I’ve driven past going to park at the stables at the Wiss. I HIGHLY recommend going.

The park borders the Wissahickon. It is amazing. They have an elevated walk in the trees complete with an adult size birds nest, a sculpture garden, and all kinds of cool stuff. They even have a stand of redwood trees.

I took well over 200 pictures. I will not bore you with all of them but I will share some choice ones. There were plenty of quotes carved into benches and chairs around the park. I’ll share those as well.

The Bird Nest

“I see you in the Sky above In the tall grass In the ones I Love”

This guy is HUGE. He is probably four feet tall.

This “sculpture” is enormous and intertwined in the twig’s are live bamboo shoots growing. You can walk around in it. I have named it the melted Hershey’s Kiss.

“Love you once love you twice Love you more than cats love mice”

I dig gnarly old knotted trees.

“Dedicated to the silent art of gliding”


Take time to look at the flowers and smell the roses.