Been searching for an excuse to use this one

Napoleon: “Do the chickens have large talons?” Farmer: “Do they have what?” Napoleon: “Large talons.” Farmer: “I don’t understand a word you just said.”  Napoleon Dynamite

This kid clearly gets what I’m talkin about.  

The riding has been very minimal.  I have donned far too much clothing and gotten out here and there but this ice storm has me grounded.  As previously discussed my motivation to “train” on rollers or a trainer is about non existent.  It is “Slim and none, and slim left town”.  At least I didn’t leave my bike outside.

This lack of chamois time has forced me to search for inspiration in other places.  That should explain the Napoleon Dynamite clips.  I’m stir crazy.  Clearly I am not getting my fix.  THIS article from explains that exercise is similar to drugs.  So I am not getting my fix and my methadone (rollers) aren’t cutting it.  It’s an interesting read even if the rat doing a pull up that they use as a pic is Creepy with a capital C.


I need to be riding where this dude is.

The past few years I have had to go to California this time of year for meetings.  Not so this year.  Somehow I think my sales meeting in Boston wont provide as many riding opportunities as Cali did.  A road trip to warmer weather and long hours in the saddle may be imminent.  Any ideas?