All I wanna do is ride bikes with you and stay up late and watch cartoons”   The Moldy Peaches

Doesn’t that sound like a nice way to spend a day with someone?

That Rockstar Finney was wearing this T shirt on Lemon Hill Sunday and every time I see that shirt I start singing this song.

You can listen along while you read and look at pictures.

I was at the Philly race and kept thinking to myself what a pretty damn good tribe we cyclists have.  Yeah the race is cool, I even like to tie a number plate on the bike on occasion, but my friends in life have come from cycling.

Philly Welcomes people in Stretchy pants and tap shoes

Hanging with my peeps

The Police in Manayunk were cracking dow n on the block party atmosphere, heck they even had officers on Lemon Hill this year.

Like any group of people cyclists cover the spectrum of personality types, but spending time spinning pedals just darn makes me happy.  I personally cant imagine that I would get as much enjoyment walking around chasing a little white ball as I do perched on a saddle, checking thing’s out from behind bars.  Basically I think this next picture sums it up.  I like bikes

There are two Taylor’s who are living the good life behind bars, on skinny tires and gravel roads.

Bozeman Taylor spent his Birthday in fine fashion

Mark Taylor parked his El Camino long enough to rock some gravel roads as well.  The well trained eye will see that Mark does it single speed style.


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The stuff I see from Behind Bars

Now shut the computer down and go ride your bike