HTFU = Hoogerland the F#&* Up
 Picture via and the AFP 

“If we fail we win, If we win we improve”  Heard today

The posts have been sparse.  I am in the midst of hitting the reset button on myself.  Amazingly enough that takes quite a bit of time.  Luckily I have been riding my bike to maintain sanity.

I have not missed a Wednesday Quote yet so I feel compelled to do so even if its brief.

The picture above is not the gruesome shots of Johnny Hoogerland that we have seen of him sliced and flying into a fence.  What it shows is a person who perseveres and overcomes obstacles.

He didn’t fail and he didn’t win the race but he sure as hell improved.  There are lessons in life to be learned from his predicament.  Think about it a bit and take something positive away.  Johnny would probably want it that way.