I don’t know squat about jazz but I know a thing or 2 about improvisation.

 Today’s improvisation is going to get me out of writing.  While in Nor-Cal a few weeks ago I saw a cool car that I thought the Green Laker would get a kick out of.  The Green Laker is a honch over at the Electra Bicycle company.   He regularly has a “Down on the Street” segment.  I have posted a car in his honor before but this will be a post all hopped up on Clenbuterol tainted beef.

This was the car that started the thought process.  Normally the Green one would get all wordy about the car and it’s history; I hardly know how an internal combustion engine works so I am not going to do that.  I will say that this is a righteous race vehicle.

It’s a Nash.

  Then I saw this older Volvo on the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

This car seemed to be restored or just reveling in an environment where they don’t spread salt on the roads in winter.

It had seats too.

And wheels.

I walked down Haight street to the end where Golden Gate park is.  There I saw a treasure trove.  These aren’t the Euro cars that Mr. Green covet’s but gold old-fashioned American Steel.  I was told by an overly friendly security guard that they were shooting a movie on Jack Kerouac’s life.  He had no idea who Mr. Kerouac was.

I saw this first and then I turned the corner.

Next up an Edsel.  I know it’s an Edsel because I can read.

I turned the corner and saw this lineup.  Aside from the rental Toyota I knew that one day soon I would be loading lot’s of pictures.  That day has come.

This car is a ???? I have no clue.

I think this is a Ford

Next up a Ford Fairlane….AND NO not this Ford Fairlane.

My favorite; The Plymouth Sport Suburban.  I could roll around in this.

This Cadillac was in the best shape of any of the auto’s on display.  My uninformed guess was that his was more prominently featured and the other’s were just fill on the street.

A couple cool trucks.

Those of you that noticed that there were two different truck’s get bonus points.

Last car of this band width sucking upload is a Chrysler Royal.  Again I know this through my keen sense of observation and ability to read.

And I said that was the end but alas; I lied.  This sweet convertible with dog in the passenger seat and the California bike rack will be the last.