I have used that quote before but it it still resonates and today even more.  More on that in a few.

One thing I love to do is ride bikes.  As a younger man I used to ride a little trials.  I always hacked around but had fun.  My largest accomplishment’s being hopping onto a picnic table and being able to dismount, or 180’ing into a big flight of stairs and hopping down them backwards.   I always dreamed I could do stuff like this little kid is doing.  The front wheel control on the guy featured in the middle remind’s me of riding around Denver with Greg.  It seemed like he could stay on his front wheel almost as long as Larry could stay on his rear wheel.

Future, Past & Present – Gerard Trueba, Cesar CaƱas & Toni Bou from Pira Dirtyflows on Vimeo.

As much as I like riding bikes I hate cancer, yeah that much.  I ran into my buddy Dustin at Interbike.  Dustin was Michelle Weiser’s Fiancee.  He gave me this sticker.

Dustin made these and started a website fcancerup.com to help support others that are going through what Michelle went through.

Dustin also told me that he is doing Ironman in Hawaii to honor her.  I asked him if he was crazy and he said apparently yes.  The Fat Cyclist has a great write up on Dustin and his goal to raise $20,000 for the YSC.  As the loyal reader’s of MLBB know The YSC is near to my heart and an organization that is doing great things.  Teaching a young woman coping skill’s, providing guidance and a shoulder to lean on, among many other thing’s is how they roll over there.  Being young and going through cancer add’s a whole different set of challenges that many can’t fathom.  I know I didn’t begin to understand until I rode among them.

Go over HERE and check it out.  Fatty does a great job (as usual) of getting the word out.

Dustin is one of the most humble and hardest working guy’s in the bicycle industry.  You can support his cause and possibly win some really cool stuff for yourself.

If you are interested in helping someone closer to home reach their fundraising goals you can go over HERE and help out.  $5, $10 whatever works for you.  It all help’s.  No fancy stuff to win over here but you could help out someone near and dear to me.


Ok after I virtual screamed do I have your attention?

I am going to do My Life Behind Bar’s first ever giveaway.  If you go to THIS SITE and donate $5 you will be entered to win a brand new Bell Volt helmet.  This is a $175 helmet.

That is correct for every $5 you donate you get a chance for a top of the line Bell Volt helmet in your choice of size and color.  Donate $25 get 5 chances, $50 get 10 chances.  You get the picture.  Make sure you leave your email address when you donate.

The contest starts now and ends October 19th.  Act fast.  I will post a video of the name being pulled out of a hat after the 19th.  Can’t get more official than that. No more fancy rules or anything.  Donate and get a chance.

Nothing against Dustin and I don’t want to steal from his drive but your chances are way better over here since I don’t get near the traffic Fat Cyclist get’s.  Just sayin.

Good Luck Dustin.  And good luck to you.  Go HERE and donate now.  Let’s move the needle.