I was going to get multiple pairs but then Jordan set me straight informing me that “They are Chuck Norris pants you only need one pair”  Words of wisdom from the skinny quick kid

“A lot of people give up just before they’re about to make it. You know you never know when that next obstacle is going to be the last one. Chuck Norris 

Wait? What did he say?  Whatever….. he’s “Chuck fu@#in Norris” I’m not about to correct him.

I have been as busy as a one armed painter with an itchy ass lately.  Getting this new gig together is work.  Oh wait it’s supposed to be work.  Never mind carry on.

My work took me to the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City last week.  I have been to over 20 Interbike’s but this was my virgin trip to O.R. There were lots of meetings, much training and  it was very informative.  As I stated over on the book of faces Outdoor Retailer Is kinda like Interbike, with more women, no bikes, and less dirtbags. So not really like it.  

There was a ton of fun to be had checking out all the gear.  Who knew there were so many shoe and sock companies?  The barrier to entry for making socks must be pretty low comparatively speaking.  Making good quality socks on the other hand is not overly easy and not something everyone does well.

I did see this at Outdoor Retailer and fell instantly in lust.

I am talking about the adult big wheel not the blonde.  I have my eyes on a red head.

A few days later Patty the wonder girl of Action Wheels fame saw this beauty at the Mothership of the big red S.

I say we drag race. I am not afraid to get whooped up by a girl.

Speaking of the awesomeness that is Patty, she saw this and thought of me.  I must say I am bursting with pride.  Also I can think of no better way to end today’s post.