“The only thing constant in life is change”  Joe Montgomery Founder of Cannondale Bicycles

Thirteen years ago I worked for Cannondale Bicycles.  Joe Montgomery said that at a sales meeting.  I have used that statement many times in my life to help me be at peace with changing circumstances in my life.

Let me take two steps back here.

I was having a good time writing this blog, writing about My Life Behind Bars.  It has been a good outlet for my creativity and a good escape from a crazy time in my life that started about the same time I started writing.  I enjoy sharing my perspective and the experiences I get to have.

Somewhere along the way I stopped being real.  To paraphrase Howard Stern “You have to be real and genuine for people to care”  I realize this is a loose interpretation but it works for him.  I live this way in “real life” but for some reason I was trying to be someone else online.  That is going to end.

I have an off color sense of humor, occasionally I curse, Ok more than occasionally, and I love to ride my bicycle.  This last year I ended a 17 year marriage, I started a new venture working for BMC, (leaving a very stable job with Giant), and left that job with BMC about three months ago.

Leaving the marriage was my choice and the most difficult decision I have ever made.  Leaving Giant was my choice and I was excited at the possibility.  Leaving BMC was not my choice but in the end it worked out for the best.

I have partnered with a group of people to represent several quality brands.  This is a great opportunity for me and I am excited at the possibility.  25 plus years of experience has made it possible for me to align with Easton/Bell/Giro, Yakima, Camelbak, Power Bar, Go Pro and Chrome bag’s.

If you work at a shop and read this expect me to be in your door selling you these fine item’s.  If you are a reader expect some video’s via Go Pro camera’s and other item’s I am selling to be discussed here.  This won’t turn into a full time commercial but I am proud of these brand’s and use them all.

Thank you all for reading.  Post’s may not get any more frequent but I enjoy this outlet and hope you all do to.  Then again maybe they will.

Random fact of the day: when I was very young I wanted I whale in my bathtub.  I kind of still do.

Ride your bike, have fun,