2nd street bike lane Stone Harbor NJ.

“Bike lanes will abound in Utopia”  Author Unknown

I am spending a little R&R time at the beach this week.  Getting in some quality kid time before they are back to the hustle and bustle of school.

We are staying in Stone Harbor NJ and it is nice.  Then I read this in the visitor’s guide…

Bring walking shoes and your bike since the entire island is accessible with bike lanes in both directions on Second Avenue. Park your car and forget about it!”

I knew I liked this place.  Since I am spending some time relaxinin I am not going to spend a bunch of time on the computer.  So lazy picture blogging it is.

Bike riding has been great.  The beach cruiser is serving it’s intended purpose quite well, and the road bike has been getting a few miles as well.

I have also been getting a fair amount of time sitting in the sand but I will save you the almost obligatory shot of my toes in the sand.

Shopping on the other hand is definitely questionable here.  Which I guess is a good thing since more dollars stay in the pocket.

I just report what I see

I didn’t buy any

Miniature golf has been played as well.  I fare better at that then arcade basketball.  The trick is to stay away from the sharks.

Gotta run I have some nothing to be doing.