The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”  Henry Miller
I do believe I may have been “aware” last night.  Wow a case of the pounding skull this morning was cured by a big old egg sandwich.  And just in time to dive straight into the meat of the week that is affectionately known as Hump Day.

The obvious joy of leaves has overtaken me.  Remember playing in leaf piles?  I do.  I would ride my bike through them until they would stop me and I would fly superman style into the pile.  Occasionally I would hit a stick or the pavement but being a young teenager and made of rubber I didn’t mind much. 

The worst was when I lost my mom’s checkbook flying headfirst into the leaves with my friend Bucket.  Ma wasn’t happy.  I cant remember if I ever found it but all is well now.

I did come across this warning while perusing for images.  Take this warning seriously.  Don’t let this happen to you.

The goofy bicycle songs keeping coming my way.  The bicycle seats checking out the cute girls won me over and I decided this song was OK.

Now from the “Are You Freakin Kidding Me?” files comes THIS article from Velonews. 

This guy kills a teenage boy while doing 80 (Yes 80) in a 45 mph zone and then from jail sues the parents because the child wasn’t wearing a helmet.  WHAT?  REALLY?  Lets hope the judge from the Hit and Run case in Vail isn’t involved in the trial.

Now I am a proponent of wearing a helmet but must admit that I pedal occasionally but rarely without one.  Regardless of whether I was wearing a helmet or not I am not sure how effective one would be if I was struck by a car doing 80 MPH. 

We can only hope that the judge throws this frivolous lawsuit out.   Saving the family of a dead child from being tormented by someone in prison who needs extra money to by cigarettes. 

If you havent gone over HERE to sign the petition to stop DA Mark Hurlbert in Vail Co.  from dropping  felony charges against hit-and-run wealth manager Martin Joel Erzinger please take a moment and do so.

And now from a different set of  “Are You Freakin Kidding Me?” files comes this from the Hungarian Irishman. 

 Knowing my distaste and complete lack of understanding for the Compression socks and shorts phenomenon.  He felt compelled to send me this eye searing image.  Since it has burned my retina’s i figured I must share and let it do the same to yours.
Now that I have harmed you and assaulted your eyes I am signing off and spreading the ramblings of a Velo obsessed individual.