“Get a bicycle.  You will not regret it if you live.”  Mark Twain

I knew I finally had a reason to use this quote after seeing this. 

Matt is a good guy and the movie looks like a good watch. I’ll have to track it down.  I like seeing the 2-Hip banner in the video. Ron Wilkerson is still thumpin around and pinning it hard.  Looking at his site I’m gonna have to ring him up and buy a T.  Maybe you should do the same.

Erica crushing it and looking sassy with her blondish hair.  Picture stolen from Singletrack.com and Caley Fretz

Call her what you will. Home Girl, Girl Wonder, or even Erica.  There is one thing you are going to have to add to your list of monikers for that Fast Chick from Bucks County.  National Champion.

That’s right Boys and Girls Erica is the new Collegiate National Cross Country Mountain Bike Champion.  A standing ovation is order. 

Erica started beating up on us old farts on the Wednesday Night Worlds 5 or 6 years ago.  We all knew she had something special going on.  Last year she even got a spot on the Collegiate All Stars road squad at Nature Valley Grand Prix.  She held her own. 

She’s probably gonna kill me for posting this one.  This was the year Erica took third (as a teenager) at the 12 hours of Oleta.  I believe the next year she got second.

Congratulations Erica.  If your old enough I’ll buy you a beer, if your not forget it I’m not suffering the wrath of your P’s.  (Disclaimer Erica’s P’s are very nice people)

Beth’s Life Behind Bars

Stole this one from Beth’s Facebook.  She pseudo agreed to let me use it when she gave it the thumbs up “like”

Congratulations go out to Beth and PTEC Justin on their nuptials.  It looked like a Hell of a good party.  I’m gonna be coming up and crashing your party at your new pad up north soon.  This is considered fair warning.

Enough rambling for me. I’m racing towards a fitting end to my day. Some good company and possibly one of these.