“The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular reason for being happy except that they are so”  W.R. Inge

I happen to be happy because I am racing cross tonight.  First time of the season. 
The bike is built

The lights are charged
The Halloween costume is ready (Pic’s on Friday)
The beer is cold and Handups are in place

I know some people think PBR is THE cross beer but I just cant do it. 

It’s raining (at least its warm)
On an entirely different subject.  A few more folks have sent me pics of their lives behind bars.  Send in yours or check out the collection on Facebook HERE.

CW took a Teammachine for a spin and sent this pic.  Yeah he had a good ride.


This one here is from Blogger on sabbatical Mr. 8+2 showing off his super Purdy Ritte Racing Bosberg

´╗┐Saving the most important to last I would like to send a Hearty round of congratulations to my favorite Blogger Mr. Stevil Kinevil of AHTBM fame.  Somehow he convinced a beautiful young women to marry him.   Hope she knows what she got herself into.

Mr. Kinevil: Many happy years to you.  This ones in your Honor.


 I hope that through your life you can collect every one of those Beer sweaters. And if anyone sees one of these in the dime bin at the thrift shop do Stevil a favor part with you hard earned dime and send it his way.  He’ll accept it.
The first Handup is in your honor tonight