“When you undertake to investigate a bicycle for the first time, take an old one as a subject, and endeavor to put it in perfect running order.”  Maria E. Ward The Common Sense of Bicycling 1896

I was thinking about working on bikes the other day.   Mind you not working on them but thinking about it. I was riding the rollers in the basement.  Ever notice that the torture always happens in the basement?

When I wasn’t staring at this scene…

I was staring at the pile of bicycles that is my collection.  There is definitely some work and maintenance that needs to happen to the fleet but riding them is so much more fun.  It’s bad enough being stuck in the basement riding to nowhere, but being down there to work on bikes will require some adult beverage. 

There is something cathartic about working on a bicycle though.  Even with my limited ability I do enjoy making something work just so.  I used to be a capable wrench but the more time I spent making a living talking about bicycles instead of riding them my touch went away.  Now something as simple as a front deraileur adjustment can leave me cursing myself and frustrated.  But when I do get it….. Man it feels pretty good. 

Enough rambling. Now it’s time for the important stuff.  Do I do Junkyard Cross  the race disguised as a beer drinking fest or go ride my mountain bike for a bit longer and then drink beer afterwards.  These are the tough decisions I must make.

Check out this cool race vehicle I found over on Big Ed’s Facebook page. 

I wonder if the accounting department at My Life Behind Bars will allow me to build one of those.  I’m guessing that is probably a no.
Why do I have the feeling that this bumper sticker was on the dashboard of this van?

It was in so many of the cool 70’s vans I grew up in.   That explains alot about me I guess.

On that note.  I’m off.  Time to Peddle Pedalling.