“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean

I have nothing eloquent to add to that quote so I won’t. Just take it in and revel in its truth.

Now onto breaking news from the Pre-eminent news source in America; The Onion.

I copied this directly from their site and suggest you go there to get the latest breaking news. (Can you tell I don’t want to get sued?)

Local Man Who Enjoys Thing Informed He Is Wrong

LOS ANGELES—George Himmelsbaugh, 32, was informed Tuesday that he was incorrect in enjoying a thing he had been deriving pleasure from for many years. Authorities in the field informed Himmelsbaugh that, although he believes his appreciation of the thing to be a matter of subjective personal taste, any positive feelings or satisfaction taken from this are by definition erroneous. Furthermore, sources reported, Himmelsbaugh does not in fact enjoy the thing, but has merely been convinced that he does by the influence of others who also claim to enjoy the thing but who must be insane or developmentally disabled if they actually do. Himmelsbaugh has responded to the information by endeavoring to enjoy the correct things in the future