I saw this one and knew I had to use it.

Speak ill of no man, but speak all the good you know of everybody” Ben Franklin

I like this one. Next time I’m about to talk smack about someone I hope to remember this and shut my yap. I’ll just think it instead. Hopefully my mind doesn’t boil and come out of my ears.

I have been getting lots of info on “hubless bikes” lately. People have been emailing me pic’s and articles, plus the multitude of interweb sites I visit have had many. It seems this idea is gaining popularity for some reason.

I was going to write a wonderfully witty bit of prose on these modern marvels, BUT then I saw this. The snob got to it first and he says it all; so just click on the link.

I could have been that witty, maybe, if I was witty, maybe. Im Just Sayin.

Recently I saw this. It could have inspired the top pic.

I had to know more about these ladies. These Ditty Bops.

It turns out that they are pretty cool folky band. I am a sucker for a womans voice in a folk band. So I was impressed.

I wanted to put a cool video from them up but the one I wanted they didn’t want me to “embed” in my page. Click HERE and scope it out.

The Ditty Bops dont just use bikes as props, Which they do quite well as evidenced here.

And here

And here

The Ditty Bops are part of the tribe. They are bonafied, dyed in the wool Cyclists. A few years ago they even rode across the United States. Color me Jealous. There’s a journal over HERE.

Next time more pic’s from the Handmade Bike Show.

But dont stress while waiting. Have a stick of gum and relax.