Yes that is the MAN James Brown with a gun. A starter pistol to be exact. Taken at the start of the Tour De Georgia 05. Someone seriously put a gun in James Brown’s hand; in public. You cant make this stuff up.

I’m posting up late today because the worldwide interweb wasn’t cooperating at the butt-crack of dawn when I usually post the ramblings of velo.

It’s a shame too because I had an amazing post planned and you are going to have to settle for this one. The weekend, bourbon and beer are calling my name.

I walked out the door this morning and the clouds didn’t look like this so I knew it would be an OK day.

Are unicorns the new uni-horned awesome? I have been known to prance around in the woods wearing this get-up courtesy of Halters Cycles. This is a great shop with an obviously good sense of humor. Ask Jay about the benefits of 29ers. He will be sure to tell you.

Now obviously I don’t have a huge amount of self respect for the seriousness that is Mountain Biking. In fact PK “the legend” Ripper gets so angry at me for wearing this on company MTN rides he is about speechless, and that is something most can not achieve.

This get up prompted the female KK to forward me a link. Since I am the Prez of the KK Fan club, I would be remiss not to post this bit of awesomeness. And in all fairness KK wanted me to know that Anna forwarded it to her. So it is good to know that Anna is demented as KK and myself. Look here and be amazed.

Now I have a perfect opportunity to post two unicorn pic’s that have been taking up megabytes in my computer for a while just waiting for this time.

The weekend is calling and I do believe it is now officially time for a “gift”. And ladies if your looking for something to buy for your man….