Hersheys donated $300,000 and had these signs all over Chocolate World 

If your a regular reader of MLBB you know that I am doing the Tour de Pink this weekend.  If you are not a regular reader; Welcome. 

The Young Survival Coalition raises funds and offers assistance to women who are diagnosed with Breast Cancer under the age of 40.  I did this last year and it moved me so much I had to come back and do it again.  I have made some good friends some great acquaintances, and the survivors are inspirational in a way that I couldn’t imagine previously.  I would love to have the courage these women possess, I sure as hell don’t want to get cancer to have that strength shine through. 

As I sit in the lobby and write this I just had to stop and listen to two people thank each other for being here.  Both are guys here supporting their wives.  One of them Mike, had told me just minutes before that the best part of his ride was sharing stories with two women on the road. And he thumped it in.  Ric the second thanked Mike for inspiring his wife and the most genuine man-hug followed.  I just sat here like a voyeur and took it all in with a lump in my throat. 

The ride ends Monday morning live on The Fox Morning Show.  Check it out. 

I am still raising money for this worthy goal, and am not above using this forum to ask you to part with some hard earned cash.  Click HERE and donate a shekel or several hundred.  Whatever your tax bracket will allow. 

Time for the obligatory Picture dump.

Natasha blew her knee out but couldn’t miss out on the fun.  She even got her own “Party Wagon”
John Chaki the course director giving us the Low Down
Pete from Knapp’s saved my day when I pulled the Bone Head move of all time and forgot my helmet.  He had one for me.  Thanks Pete.
Waiting for roll-out
I ended up riding with the “Fast Kids”  Here’s Kim Baldwin and Kary “The Hammer” Collins
More Fast Kids.  Paul on the left and Tim(?) Kary’s husband.
Nice Scenery
It rained like crazy and there were flooded fields everywhere.
The ride ended through Valley Forge National Park.
A great day on the bike and a great route. g4 Productions coordinates the event and they did their ´╗┐normal KICK ASS job.  If you are putting on a cycling event, call the g’s.  You’ll look like a pro. 
More to come.  Do something for somebody else this weekend.  You’ll feel better for it, and they will be better off.