Tour de Pink 2012 is in the books.  I would like to thank everyone who donated to get me over my fundraising goal.

Janine and I are helping with one more big push to raise funds.  It is the Couture for a Cure event that talented fashion designer Dominique Daniela is putting on to benefit the YSC.  Please come join us.  Have a good time and kick cancer in the ________.

We are also still raffling off an Electra Bicycle OM Cruiser.  The bicycle was generously donated by Electra and 100% of the proceeds will go to the YSC.  The details of the drawing are listed on the Facebook page.  We will be choosing the winner at the fashion show.  (More incentive to get your butt there)

The ride was all I remember it to be.  I left more inspired than when I entered and more resolved to help these women then ever.  The spirit they possess and will to thrive is fantastic.

We all could learn a few things from people like TDP co-founder Lisa J Frank.  Don’t wallow and pity.  Do something positive. That is what I take away from every encounter I have with her. I truly am proud to call her my friend.

Read about Lisa’s amazing spirit over at Shape Magazine.

Or watch this video that Oakley produced about Lisa.  Also note that through October Oakley honors the YSC by scrolling the YSC signature products across their homepage.

You could also watch Lisa, YSC CEO Jennifer Merschdorf and survivor Stacy Leung on this segment of It’s Your Call with Lynne Doyle.

Young Survivors of Breast Cancer | It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle | from Lynn Doyle on Vimeo.

You can watch all of these and still not get a sense of the person that Lisa is.  One of her famous hugs will tell you everything you need to know.  She is just one of the amazing women you will meet if you come join us on one of the rides.

From here I am going to let the pictures do the talking.  You don’t want to sit through the thousands of words I have on this subject.  I will comment on the pictures though.


Riding in Memory of my Aunt Ginny and friend Michelle Weiser who introduced me to the Tour de Pink

Getting ready to start Philadelphia to Washington D.C.  See the pink left sleeves?  Those are survivors, the supporters had green sleeves.

I got a wild hare on Day 1 after 2000 plus feet of climbing in 20 miles and Time Trialled up to say hi to the support crew. 

6 miles from the end of Day 1 I saw a bakery and had to stop for a Whoopie Pie, then solo’d one handed to catch the LRHG and protect my treasure.

Whoopie Pie proof.  It was GOOD.

Day 2 and my friends from Giant, Tab, Scott and I wore jerseys to honor Michelle.   Weiser’s Army would ride strong together the entire day rolling Tab to her first ever century.  Tab is a Bad Ass.  Scott and I were glad to help.

No idea why I am cupping the boys.

Rolling behind Scott, Tab and Emily.

 Emily was the winner of last years Liv Giant Bicycle Insire bicycle design contest.  She is a survivor and an absolutely amazing athlete.  A lifelong ballet dancer and now cyclist, she rode at the front all day and at one point rode away from the group.  I couldn’t begin to articulate how impressed with her I am.  She also smiles constantly.  The harder she rode the bigger her smile.  Incredible.

Check her out

If you are a survivor and you want to be the next Liv Giant Inspire bicycle designer check out the contest HERE.

Jake captured by my Go Pro working his magic.

Making friends in PA.  

Possibly one of the nicest pictures ever taken of me.  Capture fourteen photography was on hand taking pictures.  Elise and Jake are amazing.  Go over HERE and check out their work.  If you find some good pictures buy them.  I did.  If you need to hire top notch photographers, hire them. 

Our group that finished Day 2 together.  Kim and Emily the two women on the left are survivors.  They lead us into the end of the day.  It was the most inspiring and humbling experiences of the entire ride.  They got on the front and dialled it up.  We had to work to stay with them, and we had to work to keep the lumps out of our throats.

John Chaki takes some grief for the hilly course.  Just no way to get away from the hills around here but John is an easy target. (And a HELL of a good guy)

Team B2 powered by Pepe was the fundraising team I was part of .  It was headed up by Lisa J Frank and we raised over  $100,000!  B2 i believe is a boobie reference (get it?) and Pepe is the stuffed daschund who travels with Lisa and provides her comfort

Lisa Wonder Woman Frank in her Wonder Woman Snuggie

I was proud to get this.

Noel’s Uglee doll was doing some rather inappropriate things with Pepe.  They both seemed to enjoy themselves so who are we to judge?

Jason from Halters Cycles designed these special kits and donated all of the profits to YSC.  I was the recipient of  his generosity.  Even if I wash’t I would have been proud to wear this kit on the last day.  Thank you J. The kit was a huge hit.

Someone was trying to bring levity to the day.  I am quite sure they were laughing at him.  Since he was laughing too I guess it counts as laughing with him.

My parents volunteered all three days.  That is my mom with the clipboard and my dad with the blue jacket and hat.  It was a treat to share this with them.  They were so blown away that they said after the second day that they would be back. They want to check up on everyone and my mom wants to lose her voice screaming for everyone again.  

My ride.


Where else am I going to be able to have such a great time, make a difference and have beautiful women jump into pictures with me?  Mary Diana, and Noel are all survivors and kick butt human beings.

The LRHG and I will be back next year, although possibly on the West Coast.   Thank you one more time to all that donated.  A huge thanks to all of the people on the ride, riders, staff, and support.  Once again it was a highlight of my year.