Tour de Georgia 2006 Working my press pass

He’s dancing on his pedals in a most immodest way!” Phill Ligget speaking of Dag Otto Lauritzen

The Tour de France starts this Saturday the 3rd. That is exciting on many levels. The Tour de Lance vs Alberto “the Finger Banger” Contador. Can Cadel step up? Who will be the break out star this year. Watching Chris Horner turn himself inside out with that ever present grin he wears while suffering.

Chris Horner TDF 05 Picture by Gary Thornton (That’s me)

The part of the Tour that I am most looking forward to is the announcing of Phil Liggett. Phil and Paul Sherwen make a great team. I like the two of them together and think that they do an excellent job. That said Phil Liggett just comes out with some amazing Liggettisms. Would it be the Tour if someone didn’t reach into their “Suitcase of Courage”? If someone wasn’t “on the rivet”?

How about these?

Dancing to a tune few in this group have ever heard before, the lead grew quickly to 3 minutes in as many miles.”

Once you pull on that golden fleece, you become two men
Speaking of Bjarne Riis in 96

Here’s a classic one…

“….and Bo Hamburger is, I dare to say it, fried

My favorite of all time is from a VCR tape we used to watch in the bike store. I think it was the 89 Worlds. There is a guy coming down the finishing straight being chased and Phil blurts out in an excited and higher than normal pitch (Put your best Phil Liggett voice on in your head)

“He’s Puffing like a BLOWFISH” Classic Liggett.

What are your favorite Liggettism’s?

Bring on the Tour!