The Second and final installment of the 2009 Top 10 list.

It is snowing this morning as I sit here and caffeinate, bidding a farewell to 2009 and wondering what Twenty Ten will bring. Saddle up and enjoy the ride.

Now back to where we left off.

#5 Oleta

This Pic is actually from 08

View from backside of the course

Gratuitous Jump Shot

For the second year in a row I started the year off in Miami Mountain Biking. Yes I said Mountain Biking in Miami. For years I have ridden a New Years Century, but due to the cajoling of T-Rav and his WAY better half The Pink One I did a twelve hour race at Oleta State park. It is so much nicer riding in the 70’s in January then in the frigid confines of PA.
MJ came and helped out. That dude is selfless.
Somehow I ended up pulling a sixth place finish.
I’ll miss it for 2010 but like Arnold I’ll be back.

#4 Colorado

Giant had us out for a week to see the new 2010 models and to ride bikes with some of Giants key dealers. It was a ball. We stayed at Keystone resort and had dealers in two shifts. We rode, ate, drank, and participated in general debauchery.
I got a chance to throw my leg over a DHish rig for the first time in years. My full face helmet was glad to see me.

After the “work” was over I spent some time seeing my brethren down in the Denver metroplex. I lived there for several years and it was good to see the boys, and girls again. Mark and K.C. took great care of me and invited the gang out to their pad. We ate, drank, and broke croquet balls. A good time was had by all.

#3 Italia

My fav pic from the trip

Greg from Liberty Cycle offered me the chance of a lifetime. He called me up one day and offered to take me on a trip to Italy. Tuscany to be exact. I couldn’t say no and I’m Damn glad I didn’t.
I made some great friends and rode amazing roads. I hope to go back, and I hope to go back with Greg. He took care of every detail. I barely took my wallet out and only when I wanted to. He had every detail planned and we rode LOTS.
On the way to Tuscany we stayed near Milan toured the Colnago factory, rode around Lake Como, and climbed the Madonna Ghisallo.
In Tuscany we stayed at a small working farm in the village of Loppiano. We Rode through Florence and Sienna, and countless other small towns. We got lost and ended up riding a section of the Monte Paschi Eroica Toscana road race course, the strade bianche (‘white roads’).

Basically a white chalk dirt road. The race had gone through a week earlier and there were bottles strewn on the side of the road from being jostled out. Love dirt roads on skinny tires.
In eight days we rode 500 miles and climbed nearly 35,000 feet.
In a nutshell; Unbestinkinlievable

Frankly if Greg was a girl I’d hit on him. Just Sayin.

Nothing says MATURITY and MANLINESS like men in tights posing in front of a sculpture of a phallus

Diggity got a fancy new do

#2 Vehicle for Change

I was fortunate enough to take part in the Tour de Pink (TDP). I will surely be back. The TDP raises money for Breast cancer survivors who contracted the disease under 40 years old. That’s right under 40.
I got a chance to ride my bike over some beautiful terrain and spend time with all kinds of people. I rode above my head several times.
This is where I name drop. Pacelining down my local roads with Frankie Andreu pulling us along at 26 + mph for over 5 minutes was a highlight. Directly behind Frankie was Kelli Emmett, Mari Holden, and Kim Baldwin, and then ME??? One name out of five doesn’t fit. You dont have to be a brain surgeon to figure out which one.

The most amazing part are the “survivors”

These women are young, cute, vibrant, and charming. It is humbling when you speak to a vivacious young women and she tells you that she has been through Chemo and had her breasts removed.
These people are an inspiration and they deserve our support.
Frankly if you spent time with these people and were not moved check your pulse your probably dead.

Kim Baldwin & Mari Holden

Each one of those ribbons represents someone who donateed money to this woman

Kelli Emmett

We ended the ride live on TV HI MOM!

The Giant for Women Crew

#1 Just riding my bike

I wish I could take a selfportrait like Patty Woodworth

The everyday rides that are packed between the big ones. These things make riding worthwhile.
Sometimes they are solo rides.
Sometimes with friends.
Sometimes the time is needed to quietly reflect and workout the problems of being an adult human.
Sometimes the time is spent chatting like old ladies over the fence.
Sometimes laughing until you almost crash.
Sometimes it’s getting my butt handed to me by the 19 year old Girl Wonder.
Sometimes some of the cruelest and raunchiest stone breaking sessions you could imagine.
Sometimes heading out with Kirk and turning around 4 miles into a ride deciding today just wasn’t the day.
Sometimes a Boddingtons by the river with the boys.

Sometimes watching the Deer, Fox, or a Hawk fly overhead with his dinner in his talons.
Sometimes just stopping and looking around.
Sometimes Pedalling so hard I feel like my eyes are gonna pop out.
ALL of the time good.

Thank you for reading. Have a Great New Year!

Until Twenty Ten SEE YA!