For the Second year Professional Athlete and big shot cyclocross racer Tim Johnson is hosting a ride from Boston to Washington DC.  The aptly named Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington.  Click on the link and learn all about it.
This is a great way to get more people on bikes, more often, and it will benefit Bikes Belong.
I have attended the National Bike Summit five separate times.  It is a cause I believe in.  Chances are if you read this you would like safe streets to ride on.  This will help facilitate that.
I wanted to ride the entire route but circumstances didn’t come together to make that happen.  Tim Johnson invited me to ride the leg from New York City to Philadelphia. (Yes i’m name dropping)  I have taken him up on that offer.  When we finish there will be a reception and a fundraiser.  The details are below.

Would you like to come join us for the reception?  It is at Advanced Sports Headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia.  Use this LINK to register.

Hope to see you there.