Lysol??? Really??? Read this ad and be AMAZED!

Wait a second my retina’s are burning from that last ad. I need a moment.

Ok. I think I’ve stopped laughing enough to be able to type.

Now onto good things happening this week. On Wednesday night I will be helping out with Roller Racing at Triumph Brewing Company. This event is in a Brewery and benefits Young Survival Coalition. YSC is an organization that helps women with breast cancer diagnosed under the age of 40.

So to recap we have good beer and as Stacey says “Women have them…men love them!!!” So we all have a reason to support this cause.

Mix this in with a good week of bicycle peddling and I will be ready for a Sunday excursion to the NAHBS.

The MAN from Bicycle Pro, CW, and myself will be making a run. With this much cool stuff on display, you cant keep a bike dork like yours truly away.

I’m Jonesing to see this from the fine folks at Retrotec.

And this.

These bikes have always made my knees weak and my liver quiver. I know it was the bikes because Bourbon and I had not formed a friendship when I first started coveting these bicycles.

There are a *&%^pot full of other cool builders and distributors displaying here. I spent a few minutes re-refreshing the homepage to profile different vendors, or you could do it the easy way and just click the exhibitors link at the top. Frankly I think my way is more fun.

They sold out every available vendor booth. As the “kids” say this is gonna be “off the chain” At least that’s what the “kids” said an eon ago.

I still cant stop laughing like Beavis at that Lysol Ad.