I took a ride in the Batsto Village last weekend.  It really isn’t a village per se, it is a part of the Wharton State Forest.  It is convenient to the LRHG’s P’s place so I figured why not.  Fatmarc and T-rav had recently ridden there and had good things to say.

Normally a ride in the Pine Barrens isn’t high on my list.  In the summer I will still stay away.  I can’t ride fast enough to escape green-head flies and mosquitos.  This winter ride was an exception though.  It rained all the day before and packed down the sand tight.  There was a 6 mile loop an 8 mile loop and a 19 mile loop.

I chose the 19 mile loop.  No elevation to speak of but fun and twisty.  I saw one group of two guys on cross bikes out there.  I kinda recognized them from Fifth Street cross, but we blew past each other just saying “Hey”.

I was enjoying the ride and thinking I should stop for some pic’s but didn’t because I wanted to get back.

Then I saw this.  I decided to get all arty with the amazing camera in my phone.  I wish I had the fisheye lens attachment LRHG gave me for christmas then I coulda been all pro like.

This downed pine tree just spoke to me.
Maybe it is the graying?

Pinecones + Lichen = Cool

Obligatory Life Behind Bars shot.  

This would be a great place to single speed but I chose gears.
These trees were a little close 
Somebody lost there beer…..awhile ago

The loop was fun.

It made me so happy I got crazy eyes.

I’ll be back.  Maybe I can even talk someone into making the trek down next time.

The weather has been so mild that mother Nature is confused.

This weekend, ride your bike, relax, and don’t believe the lies being spread by the anti unicorn establishment.