Through the miracles of the modern interweb I made contact with the fine folks over at They were looking for an article on the differences in Bicycle racks for your car.  Since I happen to know a thing or two about bicycle racks I tapped out a description on my keyboard and sent it over.  They must have liked it because they published it.  Heck, they are even going to publish it in a two part series; presumably because in typical Velorambling fashion I gave a bunch of info.  Check the article out HERE.  Updated  the second part of the article is HERE.

I was so excited when I saw the article in print that I jumped around like Navis Johnson.

I thought this was appropriate because the interwerbs are clearly the new phonebook.

I kept stopping the backwards video above to memorize this line.  “I’m in print, thing’s are going to start happening to me now”

Then they showed the guy with the shotgun.  I sincerely hope  someone’s like Emmet Walsh’s character doesn’t drop his cursor on my little home on the interweb.  I don’t need that kind of attention.

Now onto cycling.  Did you read the great article over at Wheel on nice racks?

Wednesday night marked the first time in a year that I returned to Wednesday Night Worlds (WNW) here in my little corner of this big blue marble.  I would image that you have a ride very similar wherever you reside.  Around mid week a bunch of local fastish and striving to be fastish folks show up and beat the tar out of each other.

The rides almost always start the same.  Someone say’s “I’m not feeling it today, let’s take it easy” Then the stuff hit’s the fan.  I have been riding some but mostly by myself.  The first group ride of the season was just last Sunday.  The Rapha Gentlemans Ride which was quick but a bit brutal and we regrouped for everyone to be gentlemanly.  There wasn’t alot of regrouping Wednesday night.  Some, (waiting for me) but not a lot.  This made it difficult for me to judge my fitness level.

Over the last year the WNW has dwindled quite a bit.  Five years ago when I was riding it regularly there were routinely 30-50 people.  Not so anymore.  When I rolled up there were 12 of us heading out.  After the heckling of “Whoah, where have you been?”, and assorted jokes about being chubby, out of shape, or what equipment choices we made it was time to roll out.

I would like to take this opportunity to let it be known that chubby is not out of shape since round is indeed a shape.  I think I learned that fact in kindergarden.

After rolling for a bit the pace started to heat up a little.  The local fast guy’s were chatting, I was breathing like Darth Vader.  Joe proceeded to go to the front and that skinny dude ramped up the pace and as the kid’s used to say “S*!t started getting real”.

Years of memory and self preservation jumped to the forefront and I followed wheels like a champ.  I took my turn’s at the front.  As soon as my nose hit the wind the count to 20 began.  That’s right 20 seconds in the wind was all the work I was doing before I dropped back to hang.

This is the polar opposite of most of the riding I do.  I usually ride by myself and take in nature like on Wednesday’s rambling.  They say variety is the spice of life and I would have to say that I had fun.  In some weird way punishing myself, breathing heavy, following 12″ behind a wheel, and staring at the guys back directly in front of me was actually not as bad as it sounds.  It’s also not as creepy, so you all get your mind’s out of the gutter.

Six of us finished together.  I think I’ll do it again soon.

Here in the good old U S of A it is a 3 day weekend.  Take full advantage; ride your bike, heck ride a couple different ones and see if the variety spices up your Memorial Day weekend.

When you are relaxing and chillin at the keyboard after your festivities go check out and read about rack’s.