It is that time of the year where bicycle racing fans are going through a serious case of the DT’s. Velonews, Cyclingnews, and Pez are all scrounging for material. Sure there are Cyclocross worlds still to come but not much else.

At least Pez still has the Daily Distractions. I am not sure if you ever noticed but over on the right side they have PeloPics. They feature some good shots from Cor Vos among others. The latest edition has a shot of the new world champion jersey. I know they are all white with rainbow stripes, but it just seems a bit uninspired.

More exciting racing news (to me) is that with the help of Giant Bicycles and a dedicated group of local hot shots we are able to announce the formation of …..

This squad is going to race the Mass, H2H and other races in……Wait for it……..
The MidAtlantic region.

We are still working on some sponsors and will be announcing them as we can.
If you are Facebook inclined please go to the fan page and sign on. The team will be on a multimedia extravaganza when not training, going to school, working, resting or enjoying a cold beer for recovery purposes.