Speak ill of no man, but speak all the good you know of everybody” Ben Franklin

I know it’s not Wednesday but I thought it was appropriate to start this post with this particular quote. When I am striving for inspiration to tap out words for this I like to look outside of myself. I joke about this being an exercise in narcissism but in reality it is more like an escape. Like all of us I have trials and tribulations in life. This just doesn’t seem the appropriate place to air them.

When I sit back and analyze my life I tend to believe I am a pretty positive person. I like to focus on the positive and look outside of myself for inspiration. I appreciate snarky comments and being critical of people as much or more than the next guy, but it just seems disingenuous or mean when I type it out.

I tend to look towards people or things for inspiration. This leads me to today’s post.

The Lehigh Valley has an a excellent cycling community. Being the home to The Velodrome, and Rodale press help this community out. But the community wouldn’t be anything without the people. Mark and the crew at South Mountain Cycles hold great events. Steve at Saucon Valley is as passionate for the sport as they come, and Josh is one of the few mechanics that I would let touch my bicycle with a wrench. And the day I met Liz Reap I knew I’d met a friend for life. There are too many more to count, but I know I always have fun when I go to the Valley for a ride. Good terrain, and Good people is always a winner in my book.

On to Selene Yeager the “Fit Chick”. Truth be told I barely know Selene. I have probably interacted more with her through commenting on her Facebook posts than actual conversation. The times I say hello to her she is always very nice and cordial but I am quite sure afterwards I see her talking to someone (Cush or Beth) quietly saying who is that guy? Or why is he in my house after Fifth Street Cross for BBQ? That’s OK by me, short, almost skinny white guys are a dime a dozen in cycling.

I have always liked Selene’s writing. What I know about her from other people she is as genuine in life as in writing. I admire that. One of my favorite catch phrases when people ask me how I am doing is that I am “Living the Dream”. Most of the time I mean that for exactly as it states. I work with Bicycles, and they have helped me meet the most amazing people,visit fantastic places and basically live the dream.

The few times that I have actually been on rides with the Fit Chick I have not chatted with her because she is FIT. Faster than me and as fast as the elite in the area, of which there is many. I like that she is walking the walk. I saw a car with an advertisement on it the other day for the “Fit Mommy”, I was intrigued until I saw a women that was bordering on being morbidly obese get into the car. I have nothing against heavy people but if your going to bill yourself as fit, in my book you should be.

Something I don’t talk about in this forum is that I am a Father. I have two girls that I adore more than anything I could ever imagine. Watching them grow and being raised by a single mother who I adore almost as much has placed a special appreciation in me for positive female role models.

Selene is a positive role model. She’s a positive role model for both sexes but being female it is easy for girls to look up to and relate to her. The reason I started writing this entire post is this article in Bicycling. Please take a moment to click through and read it. This is what cycling should be about in my opinion. Yes we love to ride, yes we love to hang out with the crew, but the bicycle is not just some machine. It truly is a vehicle for change, a way to empower people, a positive way of life. I have probably read that article once a week or more since it was published. It speaks to me.

Thank You Selene. For the great insight.