I am digging Cyclocross.  Having a blast racing a full season.  It is similar to having children.  Humbling and satisfying all at once. 
I am fortunate enough to work in the industry and have access to some amazing equipment.  The bicycle is way more than I “need” but as I tell people in the clinic’s I give this isn’t about “need” it is about “want”.  I could have gone even more extravagant on the build but this is what my sponsor’s (employer’s) supply me with.  For the most part.
I am enjoying the Deep dish light tubular wheels. The Easton EC90 Aero’s get up to speed well and as Fatmarc yelled/heckled at me at Granogue “Put those new Easton Bull-dozers to work” as I ran up a hill and banged into a guy who I was passing.  “Sorry Guy” 
Having such a nice bike does make me feel a bit like this dork though.  Minus the wife part.
This weekend we are expecting snow, rain, and cold.  Time to see how I do in the adverse conditions.
Not to mention tomorrow we unveil the new C3 Halloweeen Skin-suits.  They are awesome.  Pic’s will follow.
Do something stupid fun this weekend, then maybe have one of these.