Reminds me of being a Kid.  Maybe that’s why CX is doing it for me lately.

Thank God it’s Monday?  Yep you read that right.  Monday means that the weekend happened. 

Saw this over on THE Matt Miller Experience.  A catchy little fluff tune with good bicycle imagery and a pretty girl makes it worth the 4ish minutes.

I got in a great ride with Taylor who came in from Montana.  He was full of oxygen being at sea level and preceded to tear my legs off and beat me with them.

Having grown up here Taylor remembers the Autumn but living out West for the better part of a decade you forget it a bit.  Not as many trees and not nearly as much color.  That seemed to be the recurring theme while we were riding ” Man look at that tree”  And no we were not chemically altered.

This Autumn has been long and the trees have held color and leaves for quite a while.  But it is quickly ending.  The tree in front of my house had almost all of its red leaves Friday. Over the weekend it proceeded to vomit them all over the ground and my rental car. 

Rental car?  Yeah last week in Brooklyn while driving to pick up the CEO (of course) I got T-Boned in the spruck.  I was fine and the spruck is banged up but she will live to fight another day.  Being the conscientious citizen I am I got out of the car and went to get the other drivers insurance info.  Being the person that he was he cursed me out and drove away. And yes I got his license plate for what that is worth.  Welcome to Brooklyn. 

It took 2 hours just for the police to show up and write it up.  I didn’t get anything from them.  They wrote the precinct and phone number on my registration and handed it back.  When I asked for a business card or something to have for reference the officer answered “Dude this is Brooklyn, they don’t give us that stuff”  So 2 1/2 hours late I was finally able to pick up the CEO and proceed to show him The Big Apple.

It was grey and stormy but luckily at night it offered this up from the hotel window.

So to corral my rambling mind back to where it was.  I was talking about leaves and trees.  If  I were to stop and take every picture I wanted while out riding I would never get anywhere and this space would be dedicated to nature pictures of trees changing colors. 

I have managed to self edit a bit but not entirely.  I will give you a few of my favorites from the past week.

This almost looks Jurassic
The red’s and oranges just seem to stop me

This guy was Red on top Yellow on the bottom and with the sun shining through I was willing to look past the truck.
Driving around Boston and looking for beer I turned the corner and saw this.
And around the next corner this
Hey, That’s me.

To cap off the weekend I raced Cross again.  I actually felt like I was racing out there.  It felt good.  Cool course, alot of the usual good people. The culture is awesome and there is something about hearing people cheer your name.  A special guest appearance by the two favorite women in my life made it even better.  There is something that puts a bit more fire in your belly when you hear “GO DADDY!” 

Have I mentioned that I like to ride Bicycles?  Because if I haven’t mentioned that, I do.

Something else I like is people being RAD.  I’ll end with this compilation of people being RAD that I stole off of my Buddy Bill’s Facebook page.  Enjoy.