This is the 100th post of My Life Behind Bars. That seems crazy to me and pretty fitting that it would fall on a Stevie Wonder Saturday.

I had to choose something raucous and happening. So I present you with Mid-70’s Stevie rockin out live on Sesame Street with one of his all time best tunes SUPERSTITION. Digging the threads man.

That’s the way to bring kids up right. Expose them to some good real music not some over commercialized focus group approved kid friendly stuff. Real MUSIC. Did you see the kid rockin out on the balcony, swinging his head, grooving? He was feeling it.

Yeah Stevie’s the MAN!

Happy 100th Velorambling.

Kinda goes along with yesterday’s century theme.
While I type this Dana is running and running and running. I think I read that she will be running for 24 hours. ROCKSTAR!