I was reminded that it is just about Donut Derby time again.  The time I did the Donut Derby I didn’t eat any but I was a domestique.  You don’t know what a Donut Derby is?
Alright I’ll tell you.  It is a pseudo race.  The rider with the lowest time win’s.  Seems normal right?  The twist is that there are two mandatory donut stops.  You get a time deduction for each donut consumed.  The pic above shows the method.  Grab a donut shove it in your face and save the stick.  Hand the sticks in before leaving and they do the arithmetic. 
The wrench had pegged this as his goal for the season and he didn’t disappoint.  T-Rav didn’t want to be left behind so he stepped up as well.  I believe they each ate like 18 donuts and then won there age groups.  Bowe stepped up and ate like 16 donuts but was pipped at the line by the overall winner who ate like two dozen donuts.  The overall winner’s got this nice prize…
The other kicker to this was that they had to hold the donuts down.  No barfing aloud.
You may recall that a few weeks ago a good friend of mine was taken by breast cancer.  I wrote about it HERE.  I am taking part in the Tour de Pink.  This is a fundraiser to help support women under 40 who have or had Breast Cancer.  The cause is one I support and I am going to  ride this in the memory of Michelle and my aunt Ginny.  She was over 40 when diagnosed but it still SUCKED. 
The ride has a steep fundraising threshold because it’s a great cause.  I need to raise $2,500.  So far I have only raised $100.  So it’s time to kick this into gear and start begging.  So here is my request….
Please donate to this cause.  I have a fundraising page setup HERE.   If so inclined please click over and donate what you can.  I know we are all tight on funds but every little bit helps.  They show $100 as the minimum but you can donate $1, $5 or $25.  If you have the funds please feel free to donate the full $2,400.  If your company matches donations please help me take some corporate dollars.   
This is worthwhile and I will surely beg again. 
It’s Friday and we are gonna have ideal bicycle riding weather here in the Mid-Atlantic.  Hope where you are Mother Nature smiles on you as well.
Eat Donut’s, Ride Bike’s and grab life by the bars!