The iconic picture from the Granogue estate.  Taken during CX season but I hear the MTB race will be taking a pass at it.

It was with much difficulty that I made the decision to pull the plug on the 12 hours of Granogue.  Registration for that ends at 11:45 tonight, get on it.  It will be a bummer not to see Fat Marc and the rest of the C3 crew.  I would also like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to  Marc and L Web and all of the other folks who give so much time to insure that we have rad places to ride and race.  Good on ya!

The tumble I had on the road combined with 13 hours of torturing myself at the Leesburg Bakers Dozen was apparently not the best thing I could have done for my aging body.  Frankly I am tired of hearing about how the body is aging.

So I decided not to go even to ride a few laps and party.  I know me, I would go further than I should and still be ticked at myself.  Besides CX season is staring me down and I need to try to prepare.  Did someone say that dirty 5 letter word….. Train?

As I get ok with the decision to not race I get offered the opportunity (Maybe I pleaded a bit) to do the NE Rapha Gentlemen’s Race with Jed and his merry group of bicycle folks. I’d call them misfit’s but I don’t know them all yet.  After a day of suffering together I’m sure I will.  If the emails bouncing back and forth are any indication this is gonna be a riot.

Just when I thought I was starting to make rational riding decisions I bow out of doing 12 hours on the mountain bike and sign up for 130ish miles on the road with a huge percentage on gravel.  OH…. and a rumored 14,000 feet of climbing.

How exactly do I let my back heal and train ride at the same time?  And is that my knee screaming at me? Shut up Knee! Shut up Back!

Why am I excited about making stupid decision’s?  

Rumor has it there is a theme for our team.  Let’s just say I am looking for a pair of Oakley Factory Pilot’s to complete the look.