I kicked off the New Year right this year.  Many times in the past I have done a New Years century.  This year I wasn’t feeling.  After the Bilenky Junkyard Cross I came down with a case of the creeping junkyard crud and hadn’t ridden since then.

Two weeks being ridiculously sick was not the prep I wanted to suffer through 100 miles in the saddle. Instead some fiends and I rolled out for a few hours riding a combination of dirt roads and regular roads.  This ride was hot on the heals of a good late night New years celebration.

There are no pictures being posted here of the New years eve party in order to protect the non-innocent.

Bicycle ride photos are about all I am going to post up.

Photo bombing my own picture

The group minus the photo bomber

Pauly and Martin.  Martin actually brought gears out

Steve, Dave, and Judith

Steve won the Rooster-tail of the day award (I used a fender)
It was a little mucky, or as I like to call it… Fun
There are logo’s under that muck

When we got done the LRHG had made a feast of Pulled Pork and other good stuff.  Again these pictures are web free to protect the non-innocent.   We started 2013 with a party.  We ended 2012 with a party.  The year is looking good already.

Plus I got a beer