When I last posted bicycle rambling’s on this site I was speaking of Austin Texas.  I have had a few people ask if Austin really could be technical. Kerry was kind enough to forward video proof of said technical.

Now I am pre loading excuses here.

1. Donovan almost cleans this section by riding straight up it

2. Donovan knows the trails

3. Donovan is on a 5 inch travel suspension bike

4. I am on a borrowed bike  (Which is so rad I still may fly to Austin and liberate it from Donovan’s garage)

5. I do not know the trail’s

6. My pedal tension was to loose

7. I just plain didn’t make it

Maybe I should have ridden it instead of bouncing around like a dope.  Jeff Lenosky would be more ashamed to admit he knows me than he already is.

I spent far to much time off of the mountain bike this year. That is videographic evidence.  I am changing that with the addition of this beauty to my stable.

Yes it has big wheels and yes I am short.  Also yes the saddle is haggard looking but it is white, well worn in, and fit’s my Beyonce bootie just right.

So far so good.  I do believe that this is re-awakening my love affair with the Wissahickon.  Looking forward to chasing Travis and Fat Marc around on this in an attempt at getting quicker.

Who want’s to ride?

The hectic pace of life and the fast approaching Holiday’s may have your head spinning.  If so; know that at least Santa has got it under control.

That song and many different versions of it are complete ear worm’s that work their way into your skull and stay in there like that creepy bug you always hear stories about.  Now you can add this visualization to the “Funky” beat.  You are welcome.

If I can shuffle like that when I’m his age I will.  I already have his sense of style and sock matching nailed.  I will just never be able to grow that sweet beard.

Go Ride!