Not a lot to say but got a few pictures.

First there was this.

That is Chuck Norris and awesome.  But now how about this?

Awesome or imitator?  I vote awesome especially due to the guy getting kicked.

It must be Unicorn Friday because first Patty posted up my new lid.

Then Jason blessed me with Unicorn Farts

These Unicorn Farts can be found HERE

With a description like this…

“Tastes just exactly like real imaginary unicorn farts! Which taste like spearmint and pink cotton candy, everybody knows that”

How can it be bad?

Of course this revolutionary find led me to this.

Again…  How can this be bad?

It even has it’s own video.

To comply with this being a cycling related blog and stay true to the “My Life Behind Bars” theme I stole this from Dave the Wrench.  He got stuck on the ride home without glasses.  

Thanks for the pic Dave.

Have a sparkly rainbow weekend.