When you think of J-Lo is this what you think of?

If so you are hanging in the wrong circles.

Because This is the REAL J-LO!

Jeff Lenosky is one hell of a rider and not bad as your own personal barista either. He has the balance to ride the edge of a wet 2X4 and the agility to not spill a hot cuppa coffee down the front of you.

Jeff is one of Giant Bicycle’s professional free-riders. J-Lo also happens to be one hell of a big guy. 6’4″ over 200 pounds and fit. If homeboy ever offers to take you for a ride GO! You will be in for a great ride, and most likely you will get dropped. He has to have good fitness so when he is doing his shows with the Britney Spears style mic you don’t hear him huffin and puffin like, well–me. (If you’ve ridden with me you know I can huff and puff like the big bad wolf.)

Britney would be proud of that Mic.

Jeff is also currently out of commission. When 6’4″ hits terra firma it tends to do so hard. I’d tell you all about it but I stole this off of Jeff’s Facebook page and it does a better job than my “whisper down the lane” version.

“A message to all my friends and fans,

I’ve been very fortunate to have had a long career without any major injuries. A couple weeks ago I leaned the hard way that good luck can’t last forever. Monday February 15th was a warm winter day so Aaron Chase and I decided to do some jumping in his backyard. A slight miscalculation resulted in a freak accident leaving me with a broken Tibia and Fibula on my left leg. I had surgery to install a rod in my tibia since the Doctors I consulted with felt it was the best course of treatment. The surgery was a success and now I’ve begun my long journey back to the bike, I hope to see you all real soon! I’d also like to thank all of my sponsors for their support. Giant Bicycles, Fox Riders Co., Native Eyewear, Teva, Shimano, Bell Helmets, Fox Racing Shox, Maxxis, Clif Bar, Straitline and SkullCandy.”

I got an email from Jeff this afternoon that said he is bouncing back. He’s been hitting the gym, and even attending a few events. He got his buddy Chris Clark to do some of the shows he had booked and he’s been MC’ing for him. My guess is he’s probably pretty good at it.

Hopefully Jeff goes from this…

To this…


I’m throwing in one more pic just because I think it’s cool.

Think good thoughts for Jeff and if he’s doing a show near you GO!

Tell him I sent you if you wanna catch five upside your head.