This ad campaign blows my mind.

GnarLube has this horrible advertising campaign. I get the “sex sell’s” concept but……

This isn’t even subtle.

GNARLUBE How To Lube Your Chain from GNARLUBE™ on Vimeo.

First off:  What is so “Gnar” about chain lube?  
Second off: As the kids say, do they even say “Gnar” anymore?
Third off:  This is just poorly done.  
Fourthly: Did they watch a cheesy 80’s music video (remember them) and decide they wanted to recreate that?  I don’t think they had that much irony in mind.
Fifthly: Is this supposed to be tongue in cheek because there are women talking about “Lube”?  Insert Beavis laugh here.  “He said LUBE”
Sixthly: Knowing that half the population or more that ride bicycles are female’s how does this even make sense?

This campaign is simply Mind Bottling.

Yes, I said Mind Bottling.

Let’s end this with an intelligent take on women’s road racing by a person with a clear informed view, and someone I respect quite a bit.  Read these words from Advanced Sports Vice President of Marketing Karen Bliss.  Click HERE.

Bicycling Magazine gave Karen an even broader voice by publishing THIS INTERVIEW.

Now there is a view I can agree with.